Q:What is promotional modeling?
A:Promotional modeling is a business; it’s hard work but also can be lots of fun. A promotional model must be enthusiastic, have an outgoing personality, be friendly, be well spoken and be attractive. While working as a promotional model you can expect to demonstrate a wide variety of products at events, conventions, exhibitions, trade shows and in-store promotions. To execute this properly a model must learn about the product they are demonstrating in a short period of time which this requires the model to be intelligent as well as attractive. Promotions are fun and the work is always changing. It can vary from handing out free information at conventions, to greeting VIP guests at conferences or wearing a company logo t-shirt and posing for pictures at a boat championship race.

Q:What types of pictures should I submit?
A:A headshot and a full length- body shot.

Q:I do not have professional pictures, can I still register?
A:You will need to have a picture that is a good ready to upload representation of what you look like.

Q:I do not have digital pictures, how can I register?
A:You can register by printing the registration page and mailing the hardcopy, a headshot and a full length-body shot to:

Visual Image Events
26895 Aliso Creek Rd., Ste B-566
Aliso Viejo, CA

Will I be an employee?
No, you will be an independent contractor. VIE will not take any employment taxes out of your payments and you will not be eligible for any employee benefits. You will be responsible to claim your income and applicable taxes.

How be called for t more work?
By representing our clients in a professional manner they may request you again. Professionalism means being prepared, punctual, responsible, flexible and taking the time to understand a client’s product or service before the job begins.

Should I call VIE for work?
After submitting your pictures you will be contacted.

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