Q:What is the quickest way to get started?
A: If you are hard pressed for time you can phone one of our toll free numbers for immediate attention 888-451-0843 or 888-458-0843.
A: Or you can quickly register as a client using the register button on the client screen, someone will contact you shortly.

Q: How many models can I request?
A: VIE is able to accommodate staffing events up to 75 to as little as 1 model per event.

Q: What are your rates?
A: Our rates are competitive and depend on the needs and specifications of each event. Please call for a personalized quote.

Q: Is VIE insured?
A: VIE is licensed and insured with Hartford an A15 rated insurance company.

Q: Can I contact the models directly?
A: VIE respects the privacy of those with whom we do business. We do not release the personal information of the models.

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